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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

30 Days 'Til 30 - What It's All About?

Hello everyone. Welcome to the first day of a month long project I decided to embark on. In one month, I will be turning 30. I can hardly believe it myself. So I thought I'd like to do something interesting leading up to that date. And so, here we are; The 30 Days Til 30 Project!

What I'm setting out to do is create and post a new piece of content here everyday from now until September 18th, the day before my birthday. It may be a blog post of some kind, a new podcast episode or even a video. Whatever it may be, it'll be posted right here for the next 30 days. Taking this into consideration, do I have something special planned for September 19th? Why, yes, yes I do. I'll be taking a break from posting anything here and just enjoy the day. I feel I'll have earned it.

I'm thinking of making one of the posts past the halfway point an "Ask Me Anything..." type of post. And, of course, I'm hoping I am actually able to keep up with this and not fall behind, lose interest or quit at some point over the course of the next month. I admit, I've abandoned a whole lot of projects in the past. And I'm honestly going to try to not let that happen with this one.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy whatever may come these next 30 days!

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