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Friday, August 7, 2015

CHIKARA King Of Trios 2015 Pairings I Want To See

As of this writing, we are 4 weeks away from the biggest professional wrestling weekend of the year. I am of course referring to CHIKARA's King Of Trios tournament, a 3-day long single elimination 16-team tournament. All the competing teams have been announced and I will list them right now.

The Battleborn - Kevin Condron, "Juke Joint" Lucas Calhoun & Missile Assault Man
Crown & Court - Princess Kimber Lee & Los Ice Creams
The Arcane Horde - Oleg The Usurper & The Batiri (Obariyon and Kodama)
The Nightmare Warriors - Hallowicked, Frightmare & Silver Ant
The Battle Hive - Amasis, Fire Ant & Worker Ant
THE BDK - Jakob Hammermeier, Nokken & Solider Ant
The Gentleman's Club - Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak & The Swamp Monster
The United Nations - Juan Francisco de Coronado, The Proloteriat Boar & Mr Azerbaijan
The Snake Pit - Ophidian, Shynron, Eddie Kingston
Dasher's Dugout - Dasher Hatfield, Mr Touchdown & Icarus
The Devastation Corporation - Max Smashmaster, Blaster McMassive & Flex Rumblecrunch
The bWo - The Blue Meanie, Big Stevie Cool & Hollywood Nova
Team AAA - Fenix, Drago & Aerostar
Team ATTACK! - Pete Dunne, Mark Andrews & "Flash" Morgan Webster
Team Fight Club PRO - MK McKinnan, Trent Seven & Tyler Bate
The Bullet Club - AJ Styles & The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson)

First round matches are going to be announced next week. But before CHIKARA posts the first match, I want to name off some pairings I'd love to see at some point during the weekend. Ready? Here we go!

The Bullet Club vs. The bWo: The current "Indy darling" stable against arguably the first cult favorite "Indy" stable.

The Bullet Club vs. The Devastation Corporation: Dev Corp beating the ever living crap out of The Young Bucks? Yes, please!

The Battleborn vs. Crown & Court: Los Ice Creams are easily one of the most fun-loving team on the CHIKARA roster. Kevin Condron, not so much. The juxtaposition could make for some entertaining moments.

The Battleborn vs. The Battle Hive: Even though he is now Missile Assault Man, I'm sure the issues between the former member of The Colony Xtreme Force and Fire & Worker Ant have not subsided.

The Battleborn vs. Dasher's Dugout: Condron has been a thorn in the side of each member of Dasher's Dugout so far this year. A victory for one side or the other during Trios would greatly advance the storyline.

Crown & Court vs. The Arcane Horde: A princess faces off against a Viking-esque warrior. The rest writes itself.

Crown & Court vs. The Gentleman's Club: It's always entertaining to watch a Rudo underestimate and condescend towards Princess Kimber Lee and then very swiftly get their comeuppance. No doubt we'd see that from Chuck Taylor during this match. Also, I think The Swamp Monster becoming smitten with Kimber Lee would be very entertaining as well.

Crown & Court vs. The United Nations: Similar situation to the above; foreign Rudos patronize the Princess because she is a woman and then quickly come to regret it.

Crown & Court vs. The Devastation Corporation: After attempting to sabotage Princess Kimber Lee & Jervis Cottonbelly from arriving for their Campeonatos de Parejas Title match on time (while they did arrive in the nick of time, Lee & Jervis lost the match), I'm sure Sidney Bakabella would love nothing more than to see his boys take Kimber Lee and the Ice Creams out of the tournament on the way to becoming two-times King Of Trios champions.

Crown & Court vs. The bWo: This has the potential to be a great comedy match! I just want to see some dancing between Los Ice Creams and The Blue Meanie.

The Arcane Horde vs. The Devastation Corporation: This could be the moment where Oleg no longer feels indebted to the "Legitimate Pro Wrasslin Contract" that Sidney Bakabella lords over him and finally breaks away.

Team Fight Club Pro vs. Team ATTACK!: Two British teams facing each other. Goodness ensues.

The Nightmare Warriors vs. The Battle Hive: The Colony explodes!

The Nightmare Warriors vs. The BDK: Apparently at a recent event, Jakob Hammermier joined Hallowicked and Frightmare in praying to Nazmaldun after a match. Also, it's apparent that Hallowicked and Frightmare are acting the way they are due to The Eye of Tyr which I believe is now in Hammermier's possession. Storyline advancement out the wazoo.

 The Nightmare Warrior's vs. Dasher's Dugout: Hallowicked defeated Icarus earlier in the year to become the new Grand Champion. Last month, Hallowicked successfully defended the title against Dasher Hatfield. Neither of those two men can be happy about those blemishes on their records, so a victory in King Of Trios could be seen as a measure of redemption.

The Battle Hive vs. The BDK: Fire Ant and Worker Ant are still not happy about the fact that Soldier Ant has aligned himself with The BDK. Though whether or not it is of his own volition is still up for debate. Perhaps the two Technico ants can beat some sense into their former compatriot during the tournament.

The Battle Hive vs. The Snake Pit: The Osirian Portal explode! Again!

The Battle Hive vs. The bWo: Dance off between Amasis and The Blue Meanie! I demand it!

Team AAA vs. The Snake Pit: Ophidian and Shynron against three amazing high-flying luchadores. How could it miss?

The bWo vs. The Devastation Corporation: nWo rip-off versus a Demolition./Road Warriors "rip-off". Need I say more?

The bWo vs. The United Nations: The two members of The Bloc Party on the team would be in awe of The bWo because they just learned about ECW in their native countries.

The bWo vs. The BDK: Three initials. Both beginning with the letter "B". ...Yeah, I got nothing.

The BDK vs. Dasher's Dugout: The rivalry between these six is ever-long. So let's do another match at King Of Trios. Always great to watch.

The Devastation Corporation vs. Dasher's Dugout: A rematch from the finals of last year's King Of Trios.

All sorts of possibilities for match ups exist! I honestly think that no matter whom is paired up in what position, it's going to be an amazing weekend! I can not wait.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Podcasts Coming In May

First off, I'm bringing back the "It This Gonna Suck?" concept for May. Every Sunday in the month of May I will post on either Facebook or Twitter asking for a number between 1 and whatever number is the last one in my Netflix queue. Whatever item that corresponds with in the queue, I will watch and review on the podcast. If it's a movie, I'll watch the full movie and discuss it. If it's a TV show, I'll watch the next full episode of that show in my queue and discuss it. And at the end of the episode I'll be able to answer the question "Is this gonna suck?" With the subjects being picked on Sunday, the corresponding episode will be uploaded the following Saturday.

Also on tap for "This Is Gonna Suck", I plan on looking at the 2015 feature film adaptation of "Cymbeline" which I've heard was absolutely awful. I plan on releasing this episode to coincide with opening night of the production of "Cymbeline" I am involved in near the end of the month. And even though I haven't seen the movie yet, I know the production I'm in is leaps and bounds better than the movie.

I'm planning on at least one episode of "Everything Is Fantastic" and maybe one of "Witty Banter in May as well. Also, the pilot episodes of the wrestling and video game music podcasts I previously mentioned will be coming soon also. Likely in June after the production of "Cymbeline" I'm in closes. Keep an eye out.

Thanks for reading!