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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Doctor Who Workout

I saw a picture posted in a few places on Facebook last week dubbed "The Doctor Who Workout". It was a list of situations that could occur in an episode of Doctor Who and next to it what you would have to do each time the particular situation happened. Here's the list.


Someone says "Doctor" - 10 jumping jacks

The Doctor says "Run!" - 15 squats

The Doctor uses his Sonic Screwdriver - 10 crunches

Someone gets in or out of the TARDIS - 10 bicycles

You hear the TARDIS sound  -  20 crunches

Anyone says their catch phrase - 10 leg lifts

Someone travels through time, space, or both  - 5 V-ups

The Doctor talks to the TARDIS - 10 push-ups

You see a DALEK  - RUN!

I think this is a pretty neat idea. I assume that "bicycles" are the exercise where you lie on your back, lift your legs into the air and then move them as if you're pedaling a bicycle. And "V-ups" are where you attempt to do a sit-up and raise your legs at the same time making your body form the shape of a "V" in the process. At least, that's how I'm going to interpret those instructions when doing this work-out. I think the way I will do it is watch an episode of Doctor Who, take note of each instance that happens, and then do the workout that was "built" by the episode after it finishes. As for the DALEK instruction, I have decided to do the following; if I'm watching an episode that features the DALEKS, I will have a stopwatch with me. I will run the stopwatch whenever a DALEK is on-screen, pause it when a DALEK is not on-screen, and at the end of the episode I will run on the treadmill for however long the DALEK's screen time was in that episode.

I may even post some of the workout routines for the episodes for those interested in trying it themselves. Now, how wants to do some Timey-Wimey workouts?

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