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Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Programming Note

I know. I know. "What do you mean, programming note? You've had more programming notes than actual programs!" Yes, I realize this and I apologize. Now will you shut up and let me speak?   Thank you.

This past week was a hard one for me. Stress from work plus a healthy dose of self-doubt came for a visit. Don't you love when that happens? I was really questioning whether or not if I wanted to contine with the podcast and if it would matter to any one if I just up and quit. So I spent a lot of time last week thinking about that and eventually came to this conclusion.

I'm going to keep podcasting and writing blogs and doing videos. But the podcast schedule is going to change. One of the biggest issues I seemed to have was coming up with content week after week. I don't think that's going to be much of an issue with this new schedule. Podcasts will now be released on a rotating schedule with a different show planned each week. These shows will be (in posting rotation order); Thoughts Out of Context, Intelligent TV on DVD Fan and This Is Gonna Suck.

Basically, I figure that if I focus on prepping for one type of show each week, there will be less potential for burnout. Also, it'll give me plenty of time to gather content with about a two week break between episodes for each show.

Since I'm making This Is Gonna Suck a regularly updated podcast, I'm discontinuing the "Jersey Shore" bounty concept. People can still feel free to donate to the show, it just won't correlate with how much I eventually torture myself by watching that god-awful program. I'm planning on also expanding the program by watching and providing commentary on other things that I'd likely find awful. But we'll get more into that as it comes closer to being a reality.

I'm going to try and get more "Let's Read..." videos recorded and uploaded in the next few weeks. The Internet connection on my computer has been spotty at best recently so that makes it kinda hard to pull stuff up and record myself reading it if I can't connect. Also, a new "Let's Nom On..." video was filmed last week and should be up sometime later this week as well so keep an eye out for that.

I also know I've been way behind on MST3K recaps. And I apologize for that also. So for the month of August, I'm going to try and post as many as I can from now until the end of the month to commemorate the two big shows the Sweet Translucent Dreams - my Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast - will be participating in along with One From The Vaults - another Rocky Horror shadowcast - in Bethlehem, PA. OK, I'm afraid I may have lost some of you. You may be wondering, what is the correlation here? Well, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 brought the art of riffing on a movie to the forefront of popular culture and Rocky Horror is well known for its audience participation that consists largely of talking back to the movie. And if you think that's a rickety sounding justification... you're probably right, but if it'll get me to write than don't complain.

OK, that will do it for this update. Thanks for sticking with me. Thanks for your patience. And stay tuned for tonight's new episode of Thoughts Out of Context.

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