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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Podcasts Coming In May

First off, I'm bringing back the "It This Gonna Suck?" concept for May. Every Sunday in the month of May I will post on either Facebook or Twitter asking for a number between 1 and whatever number is the last one in my Netflix queue. Whatever item that corresponds with in the queue, I will watch and review on the podcast. If it's a movie, I'll watch the full movie and discuss it. If it's a TV show, I'll watch the next full episode of that show in my queue and discuss it. And at the end of the episode I'll be able to answer the question "Is this gonna suck?" With the subjects being picked on Sunday, the corresponding episode will be uploaded the following Saturday.

Also on tap for "This Is Gonna Suck", I plan on looking at the 2015 feature film adaptation of "Cymbeline" which I've heard was absolutely awful. I plan on releasing this episode to coincide with opening night of the production of "Cymbeline" I am involved in near the end of the month. And even though I haven't seen the movie yet, I know the production I'm in is leaps and bounds better than the movie.

I'm planning on at least one episode of "Everything Is Fantastic" and maybe one of "Witty Banter in May as well. Also, the pilot episodes of the wrestling and video game music podcasts I previously mentioned will be coming soon also. Likely in June after the production of "Cymbeline" I'm in closes. Keep an eye out.

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