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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quantity and Quality

So I just noticed that we're almost halfway though the year, and I have more posts on my blog now than I did all of last year! Wow! Now doesn't that sound impressive? Well... not quite.

I had 34 posts in this blog last year. So far this year I have 35 posts, well... 36 counting this one. Now, how many posts (including this one) contain any sort of original content? 10. Yeah, 10 whole posts of actual content. The rest of the posts consist of links to sponsored offers from an affiliate site. Not that I'm complaining. The links are there because I chose to post them.

All the same, it feels like I'm really kind of neglecting this blog. But I'm endeavoring to change that. I have a few ideas on deck, so I'm planning on making an effort to actually post more often. Here's hoping you'll hang in there and check out what I've got to say. 

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