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Sunday, March 20, 2011

CHIKARA King of Trios 2011: What Matches Would I Like To See?

We're about a month away from the biggest tournament of the year, CHIKARA's King of Trios 2011. All 16 teams have been announced and, as I have done the last few years, I have decided to name some pairings I'd like to see during the tournament before the first round match-ups are announced. Join me, won't you?

F.I.S.T. vs. The Colony -  These two groups have been feuding with each other on and off over the course of the last 3 years. F.I.S.T. won the tournament in 2009. The Colony made it to the finals last year only to lose due to shady officiating. Can the Colony overtake the former champions in an effort to finally win this year?

F.I.S.T. vs. The Osirian Portal - At this year's season premiere, Chaos in the Sea of Lost Souls, The Osirian Portal defeated F.I.S.T. in their first outing as a full trio. The next month, Icarus defeated Ophidian by "submission" (and a questionable call by referree Derek Sabato). Will The Portal go 2-0 in Trios action against F.I.S.T.? Or will CHIKARA's most dangerous trio steal a victory on the road to the finals?

F.I.S.T. vs. The Throwbacks - A rematch from last year, only now F.I.S.T. has Johnny Gargano instead of Gran Akuma. Last year's match was entertaining, and I wouldn't mind seeing these six go at it once again.

F.I.S.T. vs. Team Australia - Percy T., one of the members of Team Australia, looks like a stereotypical nerd. I could see F.I.S.T. bullying him all throughout the match. That could make for some entertaining interactions.

F.I.S.T. vs. 3.Ole - Two words; Charisma explosion!

Team Dragon Gate vs. The Colony - After the great match Akira Tozawa and Green Ant had at Young Lions Cup last year, who wouldn't want to see them wrestle again?

The Colony vs. The Osirian Portal - They had a great match in Reading in February. I don't think anyone would protest there being a rematch.

The Colony vs. The BDK - At the time of this writing, the BDK's Tim Donst hasn't yet announced who his two partners will be for the tournament. All the same, The Colony would love to get their hands on anyone in the BDK since that was who they lost to in last year's tournament.

Team Minnesota vs. Team Michinoku Pro - Sean "1-2-3 Kid" Waltman and Jinsei "Hakushi" Shinzaki had some good matches together in the WWF in the mid-90s under those gimmicks. Why not have them go at it again?

Team Minnesota vs. 3.Ole - There's no way this match can be anything but entertaining. Also, I hope 3.0 mark out for the fact that they're facing the 1-2-3 Kid.

The Osirian Portal vs. Da Soul Touchaz - If these two teams face off and we don't get a dance-off, this will be a huge missed opportunity.

The Osirian Portal vs. The Spectral Envoy - Fightmare and any of the members of the Portal would make for some great in-ring action.

The Spectral Envoy vs. Kizarny & The Batiri - No way that this feud is anywhere near done. A match in the biggest tournament of the year between these two will only add fuel to the fire.

The Spectral Envoy vs. The BDK - Not only does UltraMantis Black still have his problems with the BDK, but Hallowicked and Tim Donst have had their fair share of altercations the past few months as well. Add to the fact that the current Young Lions Cup Champion, Frightmare, is part of The Spectral Envoy and Donst is obsessed with proving he's the greatest Young Lions Champion of all time... we have a multitude of explosive elements in this potential match.

3.Ole vs. Kizarny and The Batiri - Seeing as how The Batiri are unholy demons from lord knows where, I'd be entertained by 3.0 not knowing exactly how to approach them and seeming a bit scared while in the ring with them.

Da Soul Touchaz vs. The BDK - Lots of bad blood between these two groups. King of Trios will only fuel the fire of this fued.

Team Michinoku Pro vs. Quack, Jigsaw & Toyota -  Mike Quackenbush in the ring with any of the members of Team Michinoku Pro? Yes, please!

Quack, Jigsaw & Toyota vs. Kizarny and The Batiri - Quack and Jigsaw had a pretty good title match against The Batiri in Easton back in February. Also, I'm sure Quack can't be too thrilled about Kizarny stating he'll turn CHIKARA upside-down until he gets the Eye of Tyr.

Quack, Jigsaw & Toyata vs. The BDK - I don't think I really need to say anything more.

Will any of these matches come up during the tournament? You'll have to be in Philadelphia April 15-17 to find out!

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