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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wii Fit Workout Diary - Day 1 (Take 3!)

So after another failed attempt last month, I'm once again attempting to stick to a Wii Fit regimen and post blogs about it here. You know what they say, third times the charm. OK, let's try this again!

Wii Fit Workout - Day 1 (07/09/09)

Vital Stats

Current: 33.21

Goal: 32.62 by August 9th.

Current: 224.2 lbs

Goal: 220.2 by August 9th

Wii Fit Age
32 (+7 years over real age)


Duration: 32 minutes

-Deep breathing
-Standing Knee
-Palm Tree

Strength Training
-Single Leg Lift; 10 reps
-Sideways Leg Lift; 10 reps
-Lunge; 10 reps
-Plank; 30 seconds (Quite difficult, in my opinion. Basically, you rest your forearms on the Wii Fit Balance Board and hold yourself up in a push-up position for the time indicated.)
-Rowing Squats; 15 reps

Balance Games
-Ski Slalom
-Snowbaord Slalom (Hated this!)
-Penguin Slide
-Balance Bubble

-Advanced Step (Kinda hectic, but fun. Not only do you step forward, backwards and to the sides; but advanced adds stepping on the board sideways, stepping up and kicking, plus clapping as you step. Perhaps after I improve my coordination somewhat, I'll attempt clapping while I step)

-Rhythm Boxing; 3 minutes (Fun, though some of my punches failed to register. Then again, it was also my first time trying this activity, so perhaps my timing was a bit off)

-Basic Run; short course

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